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Brand Founder: Al.Davis

    Al Davis(戴维斯)1969年开始从事宠物美容,从小的宠物店开始,经过13年的实践后,于1982年成立了DAVIS公司,如今DAVIS的产品在研发、生产、销售方面都颇具规模,产品畅销俄罗斯、日本、韩国、西班牙、美国、澳大利亚、意大利、英国、德国、加拿大、南非、法国、中国等30多个国家。
    Al Davis began to engage in pet cosmetology in 1969. After 13 years of practice in small pet stores, he founded DAVIS in 1982. Today, the products of DAVIS have a considerable scale in research, processing and distribution. They are popular in Russia, Japan, Korea, Spain, the United States, Australia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, South Africa, France, China and more than 30 countries.

DAVIS Manufacture

    DAVIS is a nearly 40-year-old professional pet wash brand. Its product line is broad and covers almost all aspects of pet wash.
    At present, there are 20 categories of products involved: pet shampoo and additives, creative grooming products, veterinary products, beauty tools and instruments, insect repellent products and so on. The product is highly targeted. DAVIS has two factories covering about 40,000 square feet, including the most advanced clean workshop. The factory is approved by FDA and complies with EPAOSHA and state regulations.

DAVIS,social responsibility

    DAVIS在美国积极促进宠物行业的发展,为宠物谋求福利,对各项赛事大力支持。2018和2019两届威斯敏斯特最佳品种奖冠军犬EVO就是DAVIS的忠实客户。世界顶级美容师、FC国际赛事裁判、著名演说家Victor Rosado先生是Davis的长期伙伴和拥护者。同样,DAVIS积极支持中国各项宠物赛事,是2019年CKU资格认证考试洗护类品牌主力赞助商。
    DAVIS actively promotes the development of the pet industry in the United States, seeks the welfare of pets, and supports various pet events. DAVIS have a loyal customer:the 2018 and 2019 Westminster best breeds award winner EVO. The world's top beautician, referee of FC international competition, the famous speaker Victor Rosado is our long-time partner and supporter. Similarly, DAVIS actively supports various pet beauty-show competitions in China and is the main sponsor of the washing and care brand of 2019 CKU qualification examination.

DAVIS China's mission

    DAVIS China 的使命是给中国宠物带来专业的洗护理念及持续提供卓越的产品,让中国的宠物们得到更好的照顾。上海艾季供应链管理有限公司作为DAVIS大中华区(含港澳台地区)的总代理,作为DAVIS China 的企业主体,有责任和义务帮助DAVIS不断推进完成使命。
    上海艾季供应链管理有限公司始终坚持做 “正规原装进口、海外同款产品”,将不断引进世界各国的优质品牌产品,为中国宠物行业的渠道商、消费者带来优秀的产品,给中国的千万宠物带来福利!
    DAVIS China's mission is to bring professional washing and care to pets in China and continue to provide excellent products, so that pets in China can get better care. As the general agent of DAVIS in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), Shanghai AGS should take the responsibility to help DAVIS to continuously complete the mission.
    Shanghai AGS always insists on doing "regular original importing, one world one product ", and will continuously introduce high-quality brand products from all over the world, to bring excellent products to distributors and consumers of China's pet industry, and bring welfare to millions of pets in China!